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Sunday afternoon wiffleball at its finest, the Grassy Knoll on Robin Court is one of the best atmospheres in the sport.

On the Grassy Knoll

Where every gameday is a party, the atmosphere at the Grassy Knoll on Robin Court is rivaled by few other parks in the sport. Home to arguably the most passionate fanbase in the ORWBL, the Knoll is filled with raucous Emery's Army supporters each week.


Team namesake Emery Johnson is a fixture at the park, driving his golf cart from his nearby home to the neighborhood's vacant lot on which the field is located.


The rowdy park is a perfect fit for the home team, known as the ORWBL's renegade franchise since 2009. Neighbors almost forced the team to shut down the ballpark after a postgame brawl in 2010. However, team management has dramatically improved neighborhood relations in recent years.


The wiffleball field is actually a temporary structure, constructed and torn down every game day. Depending on the previous night's activities for owner Eric Johnson, visiting teams may have to wait past the designated start time for the field to be set up.


Because of its temporary nature, the field's dimensions and orientation may vary from week to week based on wind direction and opponent. The most common dimensions are rather spacious at 100 feet down the lines and 110 feet to straight away center.


In the early years, ground rule doubles were a common factor at the park, as the outfield home run barrier was simply string along top of the fence posts.


Green fencing was eventually introduced, along with tennis balls to cover the exposed fence posts.


Facts & Figures

Built: 2009

First ORWBL Game: June 3, 2009

Emery's Army 13, Marmosets 12



4911 E Robin Ct

Rolling Prairie, IN 46371


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 100 feet

Center Field: 110 feet

Right Field: 100 feet


Height of Fence

Outfield: 4 feet


Did You Know?

Although the Grassy Knoll is its more familiar name, original EA owner Zach Blackwood first called the park ;) during the team's inaugural season in 2009.

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