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Welcome to the online home of the Old Republic Wiffle®Ball League Hall of Fame. The ORWBL Constitution states that the league shall establish a Hall of Fame to recognize the great contributors to the league. The inaugural class was inducted in 2015.  


Hall of Fame Eligibility Requirements

1.  Any person up for consideration for the Hall of Fame must be placed on the Official Ballot for that year.

2.  The nomination of any person who has not played in the League, or is under consideration for an off-field nomination, must be approved by the Board.

3.  The nomination of any former player of the League shall be approved so long as the player has been retired for two full seasons and is in good standing with the League.  A list of eligible former players will be released by the Commissioner's Office.

4.The nomination of any former manager in the League shall be approved so long as the manager has been retired for two full seasons and is in good standing with the League.

Any nominee who receives 75% of the vote or more will be elected in to the Hall of Fame.

To remain eligible, nominees must receive at least 5% of the vote. Players will remain on the original ballot for a period of three years.



Kaylor Keck

Inducted: 2018

Newts, 2007-2016

Kaylor Keck became the 5th member to be inducted into the ORWBL Hall of Fame at the 2018 ORWBL All Star Game.  During his time with the Newts, Kaylor was one of the more consistent players over the years and also played a major role in the building and development of historic Migley Field.  Kaylor helped the Newts win 2 ORWBL World Series Championships and still remains among the Top 20 leaders of all time in most hitting categories.

Matt Flagg

Inducted: 2015

Newts, 2007-2012

One of the true pioneers of the game. Captained the inaugural Wiffleball Championship team at Hometown Days in 2005 and would later win two more titles with the Newts. First emerged from the woods at Migley Field for pickup games in 2006, and was a regular for the Newts in their early existence. The ace of the National League champions, was awarded with the 2007 Cy Young. Remained a fixture at the top of the Newts lineup through two more World Series appearances in 2008 and 2009.

Marc Lindsey

Inducted: 2015

Banana Slugs, 2007

Newts, 2008-2012

Arguably the most complete player of his time. One of the key founders of the league and major figures in establishing the American League. Gave the name "The Palace of Bourissa Hills" to the t-ball field. Responsible for the implementation of the catcher rule. Made an immediate impact upon his arrival in New Carlisle, labeled as "scary good" by the local media. A four-time All-Star, elected every season in which he saw significant action. One of the few players to be recognized as both MVP (in 2008) and Cy Young (in 2009).

Jordan Smoroske

Inducted: 2015

Pterodactyls, 2007-2010

Part of the most feared lineup in the early years of ORWBL, leading the Pterodactyls to an ORWBL Championship in 2009. Named AL MVP in Bourissa's record setting 38-4 campaign. Twice an All-Star, he cut his wiffleball career short to enter the military, departing at both the peak of his career and the 'Dactyls success. Predated the stat-keeping era, otherwise would certainly rank among the all-time leaders in most power categories.

Matt Serge

Inducted: 2015 (Manager)

Sour Wowers, 2010-2011

A brief, but remarkable managerial career resulting in ORWBL Championships in each of his two seasons at the helm of the South Bend franchise. Captained the Champions of Wiffleball in 2009 as well. The face of one of ORWBL's most successful franchises, led his team to a 64-20 regular season record. Swept through the postseason in both title runs. Remains an active player in the league and will undoubtedly be elected for his accomplishments on the field as well.


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