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Inside Magic Park

Located at Kesling Park, the current home of the Magic replaced Enzo Park at Minich Farms prior to the 2012 season. Magic Park has undergone a number of significant renovations over the years.


The iconic Friedman & Associates scoreboard in centerfield was the most prominent feature of the old park but has since been turned into the spot where they proudly hang their 1st ORWBL Championship banner. The old manually-operated board showed an inning-by-inning line score and was the first in league history to display advertisements.  


Before Magic Park renovated in 2017, it was the most asymmetrical field in wiffleball, the ballpark was a left-handed power hitter's nightmare.  The right field foul pole was located 119 feet away from home plate, which was the longest distance to a corner in ORWBL history.  By contrast, the left field fence was a rather short porch at only 86 feet.


Known for its full 90-degree shape and thick, natural grass playing surface,  original Magic Park required a solid defensive unit to cover all the ground. Much like The Palace of Bourissa Hills, it is a prime example of why ORWBL utilizes a fifth fielder, as opposed to the traditional four-person alignment featured in The Wiffleball Championship.  

In 2017, Maple City completed a renovation plan that switched the field in the opposite direction.  Magic Park now has the shape of the traditional tournament style field setups.  The Maple City Magic's renovation plan worked well as the Magic went on to win the 2017 ORWBL World Series and finished with a 5-1 record in the postseason at their home while 5-0 in the 2018 ORWBL postseason.

Magic Park is also used as the main field for the annual Friedman & Associates Fall Classic which will be heading into its 4th year in 2018.


Facts & Figures

Built: 2012

First ORWBL Game: May 30, 2012

Magic 2, Emery's Army 0



Kesling Park, A Street, La Porte, IN 46350


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 100 feet

Center Field: 95 feet

Right Field: 100 feet


Height of Fence

Outfield: 6 feet


Did You Know?

The Maple City Magic have a unique agreement with the City of LaPorte to have the field at Kesling Park. 

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