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With it's tiny outfield fence and short base paths, Scottsdale Stadium is a contact hitter's dream.

Inside Scottsdale Stadium

Home to the Scottsdale Sluggers, Scottsdale Stadium has turned itself into the premier Wiffle location of Southern South Bend. Between the high scoring games, the always well-kept field, and smell of fresh hot dogs grilling on the sidelines, there's no better place to watch Sunday Wiffle if you find yourself on the South Side.

Scottsdale Stadium is located behind an old pool which creates a rustic feel upon first arrival. Once a hotbed for community fun in the sun, the abandoned lot has sat idle in recent years, just wasting away in the hot summer days. Thankfully, however, Manager Adam Cseh has brought life back to the once thriving neighborhood site.

The Sluggers treat Sunday home games more like a classic Notre Dame football tailgate rather than your traditional wiffleball game. Visiting teams are oftentimes greeted by the delicious smell of sideline grilling and tailgating. In fact, neighbors often mistake home games at Scottsdale Stadium for a backyard barbeque party.


Make no mistake though, despite the laid back atmosphere the grounds crew at Scottsdale Stadium is top notch. Newly painted foul lines and batters boxes are redone before each home series. The grass is freshly cut the morning of games, with a deeper cut occurring on the base paths that creates a very professional look come Sunday afternoons.

The park's short fence may surprise spectators and opposing fans alike upon first look, but outfielders must be on high alert to knock down line drivers that would otherwise squeak over for a homerun. That shorter fence, coupled with the quick base paths allow for some high scoring affairs that fit in nicely with the fun-spirited atmosphere this ballpark provides.

Facts & Figures

Built: 2018

First ORWBL Game: May 20, 2018

Silver Sluggers 13, Emery's Army 12



4811 York Road

South Bend, IN 46614


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 92 feet

Center Field: 100 feet

Right Field: 87 feet


Height of Fence

Outfield: 2 feet


Did You Know?

The ballpark was originally known as "The Train Station," named after the South Shore station. However, rebranding following the 2018 season brought an end to the Train Station as the Sluggers renamed, paying tribute to the nearby Scottsdale pool.

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