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Teams contracted for 2011 season

NEW CARLISLE- The first four seasons of the Old Republic Wiffle Ball League have been plagued by forfeits and missed games. During the inaugural season of 2007, the problem was so severe that the season ended in a work stoppage. The league has targeted troublesome franchises in order to resolve the issue. Most notably, the league has not only contracted Phat Dong, but also banned the franchise from ever competing again. The franchise, quite possibly the most futile in the history of competitive sports, has been a problem since its founding as a charter member in 2007. In four seasons, Phat Dong compiled a dismal all-time record of 16-98 (.140). In 2008, Phat Dong become the only team in ORWBL history to finish a season winless, going 0-24. Much to the delight of the league officials on hand, Phat Dong was officially contracted in a special flag-burning ceremony at Migley Field after the Newts final home game. Also contracted was the Fast Plastics franchise. The Fast Plastics were new to the league in 2010 and went 8-34 (.190). Unlike Phat Dong, the Fast Plastics were an underachieving ball club considering the amount of talent on the roster. However, they were also a frequent forfeiting team. Unfortunately, the league also parted ways with one of its most dependable franchises. The Lil' Saints, a charter member of the league, will not be back in 2011 after another disappointing season. After just missing out on a National League pennant in 2008, the Saints have had two consecutive losing seasons. The Saints' franchise player, Zac Wilson, left the league after the 2009 season to join the United States Air Force. However, the league has not officially contracted the Lil' Saints. The team's owner, Jimmy Garis, is willing to sell the franchise if he can find a buyer.

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