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Commissioner appoints new executives

NEW CARLISLE- Commissioner Koby Keck will return for his fifth season at the helm of the

Old Republic Wiffle Ball League. Despite rumors that he would step down, Keck has decided to remain the league's commissioner for at least one more season. However, there have been some changes to the league's front office. League co-founder, and formerly the sole Vice President, Jared Emmons has been re-assigned to Executive Vice President, Business. Emmons, also the owner of the Pterodactyls, will handle all business-related endeavors of the league. Not only will he be responsible for marketing the league and its events, but he will also be responsible for the finances of the league. He will manage team league dues and league expenditures. Eric Johnson, owner of Emery's Army, has been promoted to Executive Vice President, Wiffleball Operations. Johnson's primary role will be handling game-related matters. Johnson will make sure teams show up to games and that any postponed games are promptly rescheduled. Johnson will also assist the Commissioner's office in disciplinary matters, such as suspensions, for on-field related incidents. Mill Creek Minutemen owner Matt Gard has been appointed as Executive Vice President, Media Development and Public Relations. Gard will oversee the development of the league's multimedia projects, such as the Wiffleball Tonight program. He will also be the primary representative with the media personnel covering the league. Old Republic Wiffle Ball League Players' Association (ORWBLPA) Executive Director Marc Lindsey will also return for a fifth season. A member of the New Carlisle Newts, Lindsey will represent the players' interests in matters ranging from suspensions, trades, or contract negotiations.


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