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Sour Wowers re-sign ace pitcher

SOUTH BEND- The South Bend Sour Wowers were able to sign their star pitcher Bobby Ellam to a one-year contract extension. Ellam’s agent and wife, Raton Ellam, only requested that the Sour Wowers move their field to another location, because of trash and wear and tear done to the turf over the course of the wiffleball season.

This news comes only one year after the first World Series Championship for South Bend. Ellam Field was definitely an advantage for the “Bend City Bombers”. Its 120-foot centerfield wall was one of the deepest shots in the ORWBL. The Sour Wowers used Ellam Field’s vast dimensions to benefit their team.

South Bend knew that Bobby Ellam was an essential key to their success last year. When asked about returning to the mound for the Sour Wowers, the starting pitcher, Ellam, was eager and excited about the upcoming year.

“This is a great opportunity for both me and the organization. It’s going to be sad, not playing at Ellam Field, but we’ll adapt. With our defense, we can make another run at the championship.”

The manager of the Sour Wowers, Matt Serge, knew that this was a vital deal to ink. To Serge, their star pitcher was worth the loss of the famous field.

“Defense wins championships. Look at Don Shula and Rue McClanahan (from the TV show Golden Girls). All great defenses. All great champions.”

“It’s tough losing our home field. With all the great memories, ranging from the World Series to historic childhood backyard games, it will be hard to let go of Ellam.”

“Negotiations were fierce, but both sides came away with positives, unlike the current situation in the NFL.”

The new field for the Sour Wowers has been narrowed down to a few locations and names, but the management and team still need to come together to vote on the situation.


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