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League moves ahead with eight teams

NEW CARLISLE – The Old Republic Wiffle Ball League will continue its operations in 2011.

However, it will do so with only eight teams. In the offseason, Commissioner Koby Keck contracted perennial bottom-feeder Phat Dong and the one-and-done Fast Plastics. The Lil' Saints, a charter member of the league, and the La Porte Sox, 2008 ORWBL Champions, folded. The league has placed a focus on preventing forfeits. League fees have increased from $50 to $150 per team this season. However, teams will receive $100 back if they play all their games. Any money collected from forfeiting teams will be award to the champions at the end of the season. The ORWBL format will remain split into American and National Leagues, with four teams in each. Competing in the American League: Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls, South Bend Sour Wowers, Hudson Lake Banana Slugs, and Mill Creek Minutemen. In the National League: Wills Township Federalists, New Carlisle Newts, Rolling Prairie Emery's Army, and La Porte Bombers. Each team will once again play 42 games, playing three-game ORWBL sets each Wednesday and Sunday. Each team will play a home and home with every other team in the league. The most dramatic change will be the postseason. All teams that complete their 42-game schedule will advance to the playoffs. The American and National League Championships will be decided by four-team single- elimination playoffs held at the ballpark of the first place team in each league. The American League and National League champions will meet in a best of seven ORWBL World Series. Home field advantage will go to the league that wins the 5th annual ORWBL All- Star Game.


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