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New names, logos, and colors

NEW CARLISLE- Multiple Old Republic Wiffle Ball League teams have re-branded

themselves heading into the 2012 season. The following are some of the changes the league's teams have made for this year: New ownership has completely revamped the franchise formerly known as the Banana Slugs. The team has moved from Hudson Lake to Rolling Prairie, where they will adopt 'Heston' as their location name. The team's nickname has been changed from Banana Slugs to Gangster Slugs. The team has also implemented a new black and white color scheme to go along with their new slug logo. The LaPorte Bombers have also changed their team name and will now be known as the Flyers. With the new name comes a new logo (based on the PF Flyers logo) and a new color scheme of black, white, and green. Across town, the Maple City Magic have done away with the Orlando Magic logo and colors, creating an original logo. The Magic's new color scheme is purple and silver. The league's oldest franchise also has some minor logo changes, as the New Carlisle Newts have introduced a new alternate logo for 2012. The new logo features the face of a newt and is inspired by the 1980's-era Cubs alternate logo. The new logo will be worn on the Newts road jerseys this season.


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