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Two expansion teams added for 2012

NEW CARLISLE- The Old Republic Wiffle Ball League will add two teams for the 2012 season, bringing the league total to ten. The league has operated as a ten-team league in two other seasons (2007, 2009). Much like the inaugural season of 2007, the league will be split into two five team divisions (American and National Leagues). This will result in interleague play throughout the season. All eight teams from the 2011 season will return and remain in their respective divisions. The Spicer Lake Soggy Bottom Boys will be added to the American League. While the Cult West Warriors will join the National League. American League

  1. South Bend Sour Wowers

  2. Heston Gangster Slugs

  3. Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls

  4. Maple City Magic

  5. Spicer Lake Soggy Bottom Boys

National League

  1. Rolling Prairie Emery's Army

  2. Wills Township Federalists

  3. New Carlisle Newts

  4. LaPorte Flyers

  5. Cult West Warriors


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