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Geography of ORWBL

NEW CARLISLE- One of the most unique features of the Old Republic Wiffle Ball League is

that each team has its own ballpark, rather than the entire league playing at one field or complex as many leagues do. The league was designed to imitate the feel of Major League Baseball, with teams having to play true road game and home games. The goal was for each team to create a distinct identity tied to its location and ballpark. In the early days of the league, teams were concentrated around the New Carlisle and Rolling Prairie area. In fact, five of the league's original teams were based in ballparks located within the town limits of New Carlisle. Only two of these teams, the Pterodactyls and Newts, remain in the league, and they maintain a fierce crosstown rivalry. However, as word as spread about the league, so has its geographically reach. The league added its first LaPorte team in 2008. In 2009, a South Bend team was brought in. Currently, each city has two teams. The Sour Wowers and Warriors play in South Bend, while the Magic and Flyers play in LaPorte. The 2012 season has brought an interesting dynamic with the teams pairing off geographically. These teams were placed in separate leagues, but will play two series against each other as interleague rivals. In addition to two teams each in South Bend, LaPorte, and New Carlisle, Rolling Prairie also has two teams (G-Slugs and Emery's Army). North of New Carlisle, near the Spicer Lake Nature Preserve, the Federalists and Soggy Bottom Boys each have ballparks within two miles of each other. Longest Road Trip: Maple City Magic to South Bend Sour Wowers 38.5 miles (50 minutes) Shortest Road Trip: New Carlisle Newts to Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls 0.7 miles (0.25 walking)


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