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End of an era in South Bend

GRANGER- At a recent press conference from his home that concerned the future of the

franchise, Sour Wowers manager Andy Ellam announced that the team will not play in the league next season. The two-time ORWBL World Series champions had fallen on hard times this past season, although Ellam claims that the team’s disappointing record is not the main determinant of the franchise’s decision. “We knew the frozen treat from South Bend was bound to melt eventually,” he said. While discussing the franchise’s decision, Ellam expressed a note of sorrow. “This is a sad day for the city of South Bend and the rest of our beloved fan base across the globe, but today is much sadder for me,” he said. “I love my teammates, and I’m really going to miss playing with all of them. This may sound really cliché, but I will admire the memories and the championships for the rest of my life.” Ellam (as well as a few others) will join the free agency market, although he did briefly hint at a possible surprise for next season at the end of the press conference. “I am willing to listen to any offer and consider any team, old or new, that is interested in adding me to their roster,” he explained. “But the league should prepare itself for the possibility of big news in South Bend come next season.” On that final note, Ellam kicked the press out of his home.


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