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Shail confirms new ownership of Slugs

HESTON- Seth Shail of the Gangster Slugs has informed the league office that he will be

taking over the franchise in 2013, giving more credibility to the rumors that current Slugs manager Brian Lockhart is leaving for Maple City. Lockhart led the Slugs to the ORWBL World Series, and also won AL Manager of the Year, in his first season as team owner. It has been speculated that he will leave the team to join the Maple City Magic, after playing for the Magic in the WIFFLE (R) Ballin' For Kids tournament in Mishawaka this summer. Shail, who was also in his first season with the Slugs after spending 2011 with the Federalists, has not decided on a new name for the team. He has stated that the team will consist of members of perennial City Championship contenders The Muffs and the Bushwackers. Magic owner Alex Friedman has promised to release an official statement regarding a big move for his team. That statement is expected to address Lockhart's future.


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