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Hometown Days announces sanctions against EA

NEW CARLISLE- For the third consecutive year, Emery's Army advanced to the Sunday

single-elimination finals of the City Championship after a solid showing in pool play. And for the third consecutive year, they failed to show up for their first round game. Now, New Carlisle Hometown Days is handing down heavy sanctions on the renegade team from Rolling Prairie. Emery's Army will be allowed to compete in the 2013 and 2014 City Championships. However, they will be ineligible for Sunday's single elimination finals. Should they finish in the top two of their pool on Saturday, the next team from the pool will advance on to Sunday. If EA is in line for one of the Wild Card spots, all teams behind them will move up one spot. After the two-year Championship Sunday ban, if Emery's Army competes in the 2015 tournament, they must pay a $100 deposit in addition to their registration fee. The deposit will be returned to them if they play all their scheduled games. Emery's Army will not be forced to vacate any of their wins from 2010-2012 and will still receive credit for any wins in 2013-2014. The franchise ranks #11 in the Hometown Days All-Time Standings, with back-to-back Elite Eight appearances in 2008-2009.


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