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Magic welcome Lockhart to Maple City

MAPLE CITY- Rumors regarding the future of 2012 AL Manager of the Year Brian Lockhart

have been circulating since the end of July, when he and fellow G-Slug Wes Ellis played for the Maple City Magic in the Mishawaka tournament. Magic manager Alex Friedman has released an official statement announcing the arrival of Lockhart to the team: "I am extremely proud to announce that we have agreed to a 3-year deal with All-Star Brain Lockhart. Brian is a guy who values team, and we all agree that he is a guy who perfectly fits our team. We feel that he can bring leadership, as well as great performances on the field for us. Once again, welcome Brian Lockhart to the Maple City Magic." Lockhart's departure comes just one season into his tenure as Slugs manager. He led the team to its first ever World Series appearance before falling in five games to the Cult West Warrriors. Although Rolling Prairie is a predominantly EA town in terms of fan base, there is no doubt the Heston segment of the population is up in arms over Lockhart's betrayal of his hometown. The Slugs had just returned to Rolling this season, and now the franchise's future there seems in jeopardy.


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