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Flagg retires after illustrious career

NEW CARLISLE- Another New Carlisle wiffleball legend is walking away from the game.

Putting an end to the speculation, Matt Flagg has confirmed his retirement. Flagg spent all six seasons as a Newt. The announcement comes as no surprise. Flagg has been limited in action over the past three seasons, appearing in just one regular season game. He also played in the 2011 postseason, a first round loss to the Wills Township Federalists. In his first three seasons in the ORWBL, Flagg was the ace of the Newts pitching staff and one of the most dominant arms in the entire league. He won the 2007 National League Cy Young award. As the Newts leadoff man, his pinpoint placement of the ball landed him on base virtually every time. Flagg was an All-Star selection in each of those three seasons. Not known for his power, Flagg hit one of the most memorable home runs in franchise history. In 2007, with the Newts trailing rival Cornhole in the first Migley night series, Flagg launched a three-run walk-off homer to complete the sweep. Prior to the founding of the ORWBL, Flagg already had a reputation as being the ultimate difference maker, leading to the nickname the "X-Factor." He led the Late Arrivers to the first ever City Championship in 2005, and later contributed to the Newts back to back titles in 2007-08. In the Newts' inaugural season, he was not assigned a number by the team. Instead, a big "X" was placed on the back of his jersey. The Newts will retire the X later this season. Flagg will be the second player in team history to have his jersey retired, as Marc Lindsey will be honored before Opening Day. With the departure of Flagg and Lindsey, the Newts will fill their City Championship roster spots with Denis Jedrysek and Jared Emmons.


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