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Rumblings in South Bend

SOUTH BEND- With the departure of the 2015 ORWBL Champions Cult West Warriors, it's no secret that the league would like to find a way to remain in the lucrative South Bend market and find a replacement team for Michiana's largest city.

Rumblings on Twitter have begun, as Anthony Rieff of the South Bend Muffs tournament team seems to be building a roster for a potential league team. Rieff, along with his brother Austin, played for the Warriors the past two seasons in ORWBL play.

Sources close to the Commissioner's Office have confirmed Rieff has contacted the league office about a potential expansion franchise. With both Rieffs, it's fair to assume that Erick Mentock, another Cult West Muff, would be on board the new roster.

Speculation on how Rieff would fill out the rest of his roster should have the rest of the ORWBL's attention. Ben Ellam of Speedy's Chickenheads has reportedly been involved in the discussions. Speedy's, a mainstay from The Wiffleball Championship, is captained by former Sour Wowers manager Matt Serge.

After spending two years in New Carlisle, Serge played for Emery's Army in 2015. With Jake Lawrence bolting from the Grassy Knoll, Serge may have an interest in abandoning the EA ship as well.

The Muffs tournament team is led by Seth Shail, who recently informed the Newts front office that he would not be returning in 2016. It was speculated that he was retiring from league play, however the potential South Bend franchise could be enough to keep him interested. Shail was a vital part of the Newts 2014 title run and was New Carlisle's go-to pitcher in the 2015 postseason.

The phrase"Sour Chicken Muffs" has surfaced on social media as a possible team name, so anybody with a connection to those three wiffleball institutions could be in play.


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