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Divisional alignment announced

NEW CARLISLE - Commissioner Alex Friedman has announced the highly-anticipated divisional alignment for the upcoming ORWBL season. After the most recent round of expansion, the league stands at 12 teams for the 2016 campaign.

This season will mark the return of the traditional American League/National League split, which was not utilized in 2014 or 2015 due to the league having an odd number of teams. Additionally, each league will be split into two divisions of three teams each.

The league used a similar alignment in 2010, when there were also 12 teams competing. Friedman adopted the names of those divisions and kept the three franchises (Bourissa Hills, New Carlisle, and Maple City) which existed at that time in their respective divisions for historical purposes.

Maple City was known as Mill Creek Minutemen in 2010, and did not relocate to La Porte until 2011. Because of this, there are a few geographical anomalies regarding the locations of teams and their division name.

The scheduling principles and postseason format have not yet been finalized. However, interleague play and the all-in postseason are expected to be featured yet again.

Here is the full list of divisions:

AL East


Bourissa Hills

Maple City

AL West

Great Lakes

Hudson Lake

Jet City

NL East

New Carlisle

Olive Township


NL West

Galena Marsh

Saugany Lake

South Bend

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