Dabbers take 2 of 3 again in return to The Palace.

NEW CARLISLE- The Dabbers and Pterodactyls squared off in an interleague series in what was a satisfying return for many Dabbers players. Jarrod Emmons was the founder of the Pterodactyls and saw much success there, winning an ORWBL Championship in the early years of league play. With Emmons and Co. returning to the league as the Dabbers, it was only a matter of time before these 2 teams squared off.

While the series was not able to be completed at the Palace due to field issues, Galena Marsh still enjoyed taking 2 out of 3 once again. The Dabbers have been consistently good all season long, winning 2 out of 3 games in all four series so far. Galena Marsh holds the best record in the National League at 8-4 and the sky is the limit for this ball club.

After the series, Emmons stated that he doesn't think that they have played all that well so far. If that is the case, Galena Marsh could be considered the favorites to win the National League as they have been the most consistent team in the NL so far.

Zach Rehlander and his Dactyls' continue to grind it out, knowing that their performance in the playoffs is what will be remembered. Bourissa Hills has really struggled in the regular season in recent years but were able to shock Maple City in the first round just 2 years ago. They will look to have a better 2nd half of the season after going 3-9 in the first half.

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