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Dustin Curl purchases the Bertrand Bombers

"Shamrock Field (pictured above) is already completed, 1 day after

Dustin Curl purchased the Bertrand Bombers."

NEW CARLISLE- After less than 24 hours, league offices announced that they have found a replacement for the Bertrand Bombers. Dustin Curl out of New Carlisle led the push to purchase the franchise and within 1 day has put together a home field, team name, and roster.

ORWBL Commissioner Alex Friedman was made aware of the interest on Curl's end and contacted him the day after Bertrand folded. It only took 30 minutes before Friedman granted Curl the right to the franchise. Curl announced that his team name would be called the Lynn Street Leprechauns. Lynn Street will take over the Bombers 3-6 record and will join the American League East.

After originally announcing that the Bombers would forfeit 3 losses to South Bend, Friedman decided to let Lynn Street and South Bend pick a makeup date to avoid any forfeits. Lynn Street's first game as a franchise will take place on Sunday against the Galena Marsh Dabbers who have not lost a series all season.

Lynn Street also released their logo on Monday night. You can stay up to date with the franchise on twitter by following @LynnStLeps.

"The official logo of the Lynn St. Leprechauns"

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