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Newts clinch NL East Division crown

NEW CARLISLE - The New Carlisle Newts have clinched the NL East Division title who finished their regular season with a 16-8 record.

It is the sixth division title in franchise's (and league's) ten-year history.

New Carlisle previously won the National League crown in 2007 before the postseason was cancelled due to a work stoppage. In 2008, pennant races decided the World Series participants, and the Newts won the National League again.

The 2009 season was the first to abandon the traditional AL/NL split, and the Newts took home the ORWBL Central title after defeating Emery's Army in a one-game playoff at the Grassy Knoll.

New Carlisle also won the NL East Division in 2010, the only other season the league had 12 teams and multiple divisions within each the AL and NL.

After a dry spell, the Newts continued the momentum of the 2013 World Series postseason run, and tied the Cult West Warriors for the 2014 ORWBL regular season title. New Carlisle finished third in the undivided ORWBL in 2015.

The Newts remain in contention for the top seed on the National League side. New Carlisle is guaranteed a bye into the NLDS, where they will face the winner of a one-game Wild Card playoff.

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