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Can't Beat the Heat: Hudson Lake escapes shorthanded Junkballers

NEW CARLISLE- After taking down Lynn Street in the 1 game Wild Card, #3 Hudson Lake came in ready to roll over the shorthanded Junkballers who were without MVP and Cy Young candidate Nate Arndt.

Halfway through Game 1, it seemed as though the Arndt-less Junkballers were in trouble. However, mid season acquisition Drew Luther did all that he could leading Jet City to a furious comeback. They fell short in Game 1 though, dropping it 8-5. Jet City built on their momentum from Game 1 as it showed in their Game 2 win.

That set up the stage at Old Rock Park for a decisive Game 3 in which the winner would advance to the American League Championship series.

The trio of Bob Bushman, Ben McDonald and Jared Monhaut proved to be too much for the Junkballers to handle as Hudson Lake came out on top with a 9-6 victory, advancing to their first American League Championship series.

It was a great series between two great teams who ended up splitting the season series at 3 games apiece. While Jet City's season ended earlier than expected, there is no doubt that this young team will be a championship contender for years to come.

As for Hudson Lake, they will take on the Maple City Magic in the ALCS with Games 1 and 2 being held at Pine Park and Games 3, 4*, and 5* (If Necessary) will be played at Magic Park.

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