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Dabbers win NL regular season title with a Zoo' walkoff blast

LA PORTE- Although the Dabbers were a little shaky down the stretch to end the regular season, Galena Marsh was able to lock up the #1 overall seed in the National League heading into the postseason.

The Dabbers dropped the first 2 games to Cabo and headed into Game 3 knowing that it was a must win. Had the Dabbers lost, the Muffs would have ended up winning the NL West and the Bye while the Newts would have vaulted into the top spot.

However, as darkness settled in on The Marsh, the Dabbers knew that they had to do whatever it would take to come out of their with the division title. It was former Slug and Newt Adam Zoo Rehlander who became a Dabbers hero as he launched a walk off Home Run to seal the deal for the Dabbers.

It has been a wonderful season for the Dabbers who took back the clock this season as some old ORWBL legends helped this team succeed the way they did. As we head into the playoffs, the Dabbers have just as good of a chance as anyone to win the 2016 ORWBL World Series.

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