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Haase, Webb named as 2016 Rookies of the Year

NEW CARLISLE- As the Old Republic Wiffle Ball League has expanded, more and more new players have entered the league each season. This was especially true in 2016 as 7 teams competed in their first season in the league. To recognize the accomplishments of first year players, managers voted for Rookie of the Year in both the American and National Leagues.

The 2016 Rookies of the Year are Mark Haase of the Godfathers in the American League and the Mechanics Kody Webb in the National League.

Haase had a wonderful first season for the Godfathers as he was one of the lone bright spots in what was an otherwise tough first season in the league. While Great Lakes went 4-20 before losing in the Wild Card Round, no one could fault Mark Haase for his efforts and accomplishments.

Haase belted 36 Home Runs while hitting .507 on the year. Haase also provided 57 RBI for a team that struggled to score runs consistently. Haase played in all 24 games for Great Lakes which is always a great sign for a team leader. Haase also started in the 2016 All Star Game for the American League.

Kody Webb was named as an All Star starter for the National League this season. Webb blasted 38 Home Runs, 63 RBI, and scored 58 runs while also leading the Mechanics with a .523 Batting Average. Webb was an every day presence in the Mechanics lineup as he played in all 24 games.

Webb figures to be a main stay in the young Mechanics lineup who went 7-17 in their first season in the league. They have a talented group of young hitters who figure to develop heading forward. In a year with so many new teams and players, Mark Haase and Kody Webb stood out the most to people around the league. will continue to provide coverage of the 2016 season awards. On Sunday, the Managers of the year winners from each league will be announced.


Godfathers- Mark Haase (32 votes)

Junkballers- Collin Babcock (17 votes)

Leprechauns- Dustin Curl (9 votes)

Leprechauns- Evan King (7 votes)

Pterodactyls- Dylan Michaels (2 votes)

Godfathers- Tony Graziani (1 vote)

Leprechauns- Nick Brassel (1 vote)

Junkballers- Connor Van Overberghe (1 vote)


Mechanics- Kody Webb (20 votes, 5 1st place votes decided the tiebreaker)

Mechanics- Aidan Cotter (20 votes, 4 1st place votes)

Yabos- John Premetz (17 votes)

Yabos- Grant Duncan (4 votes)

Dabbers- Camrin Worthington (3 votes)

Yabos- Jimmy Trumpane (1 vote)

Sour Chicken Muffs- Tyler Christenson (1 vote)

Yabos- Erick Woodrich (1 vote)

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