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N. Arndt, Emmons win Cy Young

NEW CARLISLE- Throughout the week, the Old Republic Wiffleball League has been handing out its yearly honors. Today we announce the 2016 Cy Young Award winners. With a shorter season, pitchers were not able to put up incredible numbers, but some were still able to stand out more than others.

The 2016 Cy Young winners are Nate Arndt of the Junkballers in the American League and Jared Emmons of the Dabbers in the National League.

It was a great year for both pitchers who also led their teams at the plate. Arndt was a workhorse on the mound for the Junkballers this season, pitching 96 innings while striking out 22. Arndt led the American League in wins, going 12-6 while also being selected as the AL Starting Pitcher for the All Star Game,

Nate Arndt who comes from a storied wiffleball family has now made his own mark by becoming the first Arndt to win a Cy Young. He also led the Junkballers to the AL West Division title in his first season managing the young squad.

In the National League, Jared Emmons becomes the 4th pitcher to win multiple Cy Young's and also became the 2nd pitcher to win a Cy Young in both the National and American League. Emmons won his 1st Cy Young in the 2007 inaugural season. 9 years later, Emmons was now able to beat out Matt Serge in what was a tightly contested race.

It was a remarkable season for Emmons who led the Dabbers to the NL West crown, earning them the #1 seed in the NL. Emmons led ORWBL in Wins with 14 while also leading the league in strikeouts with 29. concludes its coverage of the 2016 season awards tomorrow with the announcement of the Most Valuable Player awards in each league.


Junkballers- Nate Arndt (32 votes)

Heat- Jake MacMillan (16 votes)

Magic- John Arndt (12 votes)

Magic- Brian Lockhart (5 votes)

Heat- Jared Monhaut (3 votes)

Godfathers- Mark Haase (2 votes)

Pterodactyls- Evan Layman (1 vote)

Magic- Shane Anderson (1 vote)


Dabbers- Jared Emmons (26 votes)

Sour Chicken Muffs- Matt Serge (22 votes)

Newts- Jay Ryans (15 votes)

White Lightning- Doug Benner (7 votes)

Yabos- John Premetz (1 vote)

White Lightning- Levi Miller (1 vote)

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