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Bushman, Curless named MVP in 2016

NEW CARLISLE- The 2016 ORWBL MVP's were announced on Wednesday. In the American League, it was first time winner Bob Bushman of the Heat and in the National League, Garrett Curless of the Newts.

Bushman, who's a 3rd year player for Hudson Lake had an incredible breakout season, hitting .564 with 43 HR, 64 RBI. This was the first full season that Hudson Lake kept stats so it would be very interesting to see if Bushman was at this level prior to this season.

Bushman won a tightly contested AL race, taking down Wes Ellis and Nate Arndt. Bushman got enough respect around the league and was able to become a first time MVP winner.

He helped lead Hudson Lake to a 14-10 record, nearly leading the Heat to a division title. Bushman and the Heat were swept in the ALCS by the Magic but it was still quite a memorable year.

Meanwhile over in the National League, Garrett Curless became only the 3rd player in ORWBL history to win multiple MVP Awards. Curless won the MVP way back in 2007 so this one should feel very sweet after the long break in between awards.

Curless helped lead the Newts to a 16-8 record while also leading the Newts recent playoff run. New Carlisle will look to win their 3rd ORWBL World Series title against the Maple City Magic.

Curless played in 17 games while leading the Newts with 25 HR, and 35 RBI. He has always been one of the more well respected players in the league and this only adds to what has been one of the greatest careers in ORWBL history.

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