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Team of the Week: Lynn St. Leprechauns

Lynn Street Leprechauns

Reasons they will win:

All offseason Lynn Street has been telling their fans to “Trust the Process”. They started off the offseason with high hopes by picking up Levi Miller. Unfortunately for Lynn Street, Levi and Manager Dustin Curl, departed and went to Hudson Lake. The new manager Nick Brassell still believes Lynn Street can make a World Series run due to a fore five returning starters. In addition to that, Brassel made a lot of promising rookie pickups within hours of becoming the new manager, six to be exact. He believes these rookie pickups all bring something that the organization needs. When interviewed Brassel had his eye on one rookie pick up though, Terry Szczechowski. Terry played in Hometown Days, showing a very promising bat for Lynn Street. Terry is listed at 6’3, 275 lbs, and according to Brassel, Terry or “ski” for short, can really move on the field, and is an early hopeful for Rookie of the Year.

The fans from Lynn Street truly believe they have found the right guy for the job in Nick Brassell. They believe his energy will really help them improve this season, and for seasons to come. They also think Brassell has something about him that can really get the best out of his players. When we sat down with the new head of the Leprechauns, he told us that, “When Dustin Curl left the Leps he told me; ‘Just trust the process Nick, it’s your team now,

Another thing Nick Brassell did when taking over as the new manager was develop a strategy that can hopefully make their offense one of the league's best. Brassells strategy will be to bring nine players to each game, bat the first six and sit the other three the first game. Then after the first game take out the three hitters that performed the worst and put in the three that sat. Nick hopes that this will always keep the hot bats in the lineup while also keeping players rested and ready to go whenever.

Reasons Lynn Street won't win:

All offseason Lynn Street has been telling us to Trust the Process, unfortunately for them, most people are very skeptical of this process. Not only did they end up losing their huge offseason signing, Levi Miller, to Hudson Lake, they also lost their Captain, and leader Dustin Curl. This might prove to be a huge loss to Lynn Street, as Curl led the team in batting average, batting .532. Curl was the only player on the team to bat over .490, which is obviously a huge loss offensively.

It’s pretty hard to imagine Lynn Street being a World Series-caliber team when looking back at last season. Tied for the worst record in the league, they had the worst run differential (-159), which they have to improve on drastically to have a chance at competing. Since joining the league midseason they also only managed to muster one win. Therefore this will be their first full season in ORWBL, which may prove to be rough due to the veteran teams in the league. All in all this will be a very important season for Lynn Street. Even if they don’t win ORWBL, a decent season could really help the leprechauns have a bright future and give them something to build on in hopes of landing some top notch free agents.

Projected record: 10-20

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