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Team of the Week: Maple City Magic

Team of the Week: Maple City Magic

Why they can:

It’s no secret Maple City is one of the best teams in ORWBL. And after last year’s defeat in the World Series, Manager Alex Friedman has made some offseason moves to try and get them that league title in 2017 that they are ever so hungry to capture. The Magic signed the Rieff and Jonkman brothers. Anthony Rieff hit for a .519 AVG in 2016 for the Sour Chicken Muffs and he should certainly help improve Maple City both in the lineup and out in the field. The Jonkman brothers could be the pieces that help put Maple City over the top. While Jared Jonkman’s availability has some questions around it, Caleb Jonkman figures to be hitting right behind former MVP’s Wes Ellis and Zach Liberatore every Sunday. Jonkman is coming off of back to back Leroy Wiffleball Association MVP awards and was a key part in helping the Magic win the Friedman & Associates Invitational at the end of last summer. The Magic also have John Arndt returning which is crucial as Maple City went 17-1 after acquiring Arndt via trade before getting swept in the World Series by the Newts. Lastly, Maple City also will get Brian Lockhart back in June as he has been living in Arizona for the past 2 seasons. The pieces are obviously there, it is now just a matter if the Magic can put it all together in August.

Why they can't:

Maple City had a lot of very good pickups over the offseason, but they also lost one of their key members from the past 5 seasons. The Magic lost long time pitcher Shane Anderson. Magic fans everywhere know this is a devastating loss, and we believe it’s one of the reasons the Magic won’t repeat as AL Champs. In 2016 it seemed there was no one to test the Magic in the playoffs until the World Series, as they swept their way to the World Series. This year we believe two teams stand in their way, Jet City and Hudson Lake. Jet City stole Shane Anderson from the Magic, and will have a full season with Drew Luther. Hudson Lake picked up the White lightnings two best players, Levi Miller and Doug Benner, as well as Lynn Streets captain, Dustin Curl. Both of those two teams made major moves in order to take down Maple City, but the real question is, will they do it?

Projected Record: 21-9

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