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2017 All Star Teams Announced

NEW CARLISLE- The 2017 All Star teams have been named as the best players in the league will gather at Migley Field for the 11th ORWBL All Star Game on Monday, July 3rd. Both the AL and NL rosters consisted of 15 players who were voted in by the Managers, Keck, Friedman, and the Last Man In twitter vote.

The Last Man In twitter vote was a major success once again as an astonishing 1,500+ votes were cast via the online twitter vote. It was Colten Boren of the Mechanics who received an incredible amount of support as he edged out Austin Williams of Granger.

Over in the American League, it was Dan the Cat Zieger who received a lot of support as well. Both players certainly deserved to be in the game and will take on Migley.

Koby Keck will be managing his 8th All Star Game while Alex Friedman will be managing his 3rd. Keck got the better hand in both of their previous matchups. Below is a complete list of the 2017 American, and National League All Stars:

Manager: Alex Friedman (Maple City) 3rd Managerial appearance (0-2)