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2017 Team Recap: Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls

Bourissa Hills finished the 2017 season with yet another losing season which is now their 7th straight. Since going 38-4 in 2010, the once storied Pterodactyls franchise has fallen off the map.

Their 10-20 record in 2017 did not reflect the improvements that were made over the offseason as much as they should have. From the looks of it, Bourissa Hills had a bad season but they had many chances to improve on what was a 10-20 record. The Dactyls bowed out in the Wild Card Round as they were defeated by the Cabo Yabos.

The 2017 Pterodactyls actually made dramatic improvements from the 2016 season and if they can learn how to win close games in 2018, this team could be one to watch out for.

The telling stat from the 2017 Dactyls' season is the fact that they lost 6 games by 1 run while only winning 1 game decided by a run. The Dactyls held their own against some of the leagues best as 4 of those 1 run losses came at the hands of the eventual champions, the Maple City Magic.

Those other 1 run losses came against Jet City and Granger who were 2 of the best teams in the league. Those numbers right there certainly show that this team has what it takes to win if it can put the right pieces together and play with a little more consistency.

The 2017 season marked the end of an era in Bourissa Hills as Manager Zach Rehlander announced that the team would be re-branding for the upcoming 2018 season. Rehlander announced that they will be the Bourissa Hills Wildcards because "You never know which team you're gonna get." -Zach Rehlander

As noted, this team made some great strides in 2017 and found a gem in Cody Carlisle. Carlisle led the way for the Dactyls as he hit will over .500 in his rookie season. Carlisle likely would have won the AL Rookie of the Year had Caleb Jonkman not put up MVP worthy numbers.

Carlisle figures to be the leader of this team going forward and if Zach Rehlander can strike gold and land a couple of Free Agents, Bourissa Hills could be closer to returning to the glory days at their historic home of The Palace of Bourissa Hills.

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