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2017 Team Recap: Lynn St. Leprechauns

It was another tough season for the Lynn St. Leprechauns who finished the season with a league worst 3-27 record. While Lynn Street's first full season in the league did not go as planned, the Leprechauns were able to establish credibility as one of the more fun teams to play in the league.

Despite the losing record, these guys showed up each week in hopes of pulling off an upset. Heading forward into 2018, Manager Nick Brassell continues to push the motto "Trust the process."

Overall, the 2017 season was a strange one for the Leprechauns as they traded away their Starting Pitcher Matt Smith to Maple City for a case of water and a signed Wes Ellis photo. The Leprechauns were only able to win 1 game without Smith and Leprechauns fans are certainly pleased to hear that Matt Smith has signed with the Leprechauns for 2018.

For Lynn St, hopefully Matt Smith is able to bring some of what he learned in his time with Maple City and establish a winning culture in Lynn St.

The highlight of Lynn Street's season was their 25-23 victory over the Olive Township Mechanics as the Less handed the Mechanics their first loss of the season.

On the other side of the spectrum, Lynn St. was no hit on 3 separate occasions throughout the season. They were most notably no hit by Maple City's Wes Ellis not once, but 2 times during their 3 game series. Their season came to an end in the Wild Card Round as they were no hit by Aidan Cotter.

All in all, it was a disappointing season for Lynn St, but with Nick Brassell continuing to trust the process and lead the team, there is no where to go but up for this young group of guys.

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