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Junkballers, Taco Punchers, Mechanics Franchises Fold

Year in and year out teams come and go as members of the Old Republic Wiffleball league. After the conclusion of the 2017 season, 3 different teams announced that they would not be returning next season:

Jet City Junkballers: After winning back to back AL West Division titles, the Jet City Junkballers franchise has come to an end. This team had a lot of success in their 2 seasons in the league. With Jet City folding, teams like Hudson Lake, Cabo, and Great Lakes could rise to the occasion.

Galena Marsh Taco Punchers: Jared Emmons brought the old gang back together in 2016 as the Dabbers and they went on to win the NL West that year. Emmons decided to change the team name to the Taco Punchers for the 2017 season in which Galena Marsh struggled. With an older group of guys, Emmons announced that his team would not be returning but that himself and most of his players were looking for a new team.

Olive Township Mechanics: The Mechanics 2 year run has come to an end leaving everyone wondering what could have been. This team improved drastically this past season and gave the Newts a major scare in the NLDS. With some of their players status becoming uncertain due to college, Aidan Cotter announced that the Mechanics would not be returning in 2018. Cotter did not rule out the potential of a Mechanics reunion a few years down the road.

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