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Nick Brassell shares his thoughts on Lynn Street's successful offseason

Four wins in 1.5 seasons of ORWBL action looks bad on paper, but over those 1.5 years our core guys Nick Brassell, Zack Brassell, Ev King, (Kegley and Ski picked up at start of last year) ) have all gotten valuable playing time to where after last seasons end conclusion, I thought we had a solid 5 coming back.

Then the offseason began:

We started out by signing Sam Zucker, a guy that knocked 35+ HRs last year for the Taco Punchers. Zucker figures to provide our team with some experience and leadership!

Then we were able to get Luke Ketterer back who had a great year all around in 2017. We also bring Mookie back home and he will get some mound and tequila time while bringing some great energy back along with a ring. We hope that he can take what he learned during his stint in Maple City and help lead Lynn Street to a lot of success.

We also signed slugger Bailey Rhed as we get a monster behind the plate that has the capability to go yard at any time. We also have Matt Blakeship who will make his debut this year after being placed on IR after a serious car crash so we will be glad to get him in on some action and are thrilled with his recovery.

Overall, as the skipper, I am really happy with how free agency went and we have 10 guys that will be getting playing time and that plays to our advantage because it will always assure that we will have no cold bats in the lineup which is why we lost games last year. Having guys bat 1-5 or 0-5 will really kill your momentum and chances to win and we are really thrilled about our improved depth.

We are still trusting the process but we plan to make a statement this year. We are looking forward to opening up our season by welcoming the South Shore Silver Sluggers to Shamrock Field on Opening Day.

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