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Triple Crown folds as Manager Jeremy Ross is leaving for the Marines: Caleb Martin to the rescue, pu

NEW CARLISLE- It was a short lived run for the East Ridge Triple Crown who officially folded over the weekend as Manager Jeremy Ross is leaving for the Marines. We wish Jeremy the best of luck as he is heading off to serve our country. The NWLA All 2nd Team Rookie of the Year winner bounced around last season playing for Great Lakes while also helping Granger make a deep playoff run.

Just one day later, Caleb Martin who was on the Dactyls' roster the past 3 seasons came to the rescue and purchased Triple Crown. Martin announced that he would be rebranding the franchise to the Gardena Golden Showers. The Golden Showers are going to be officially sponsored by Golden Showers Fireworks in Michigan City on Franklin Street.

Gardena will become the 1st Michigan City based ORWBL team in league history and will join the American League and use the same schedule that East Ridge was going to play. Martin has announced his roster which is full of Rookies who will be looking to make an immediate impact in ORWBL.

Martin also signed Kyle Smith who played one series for the Maple City Magic back in 2011 and was slated to play for Triple Crown. Smith's brother, Will is also a part of the Golden Showers roster.

With the exception of Martin and Kyle Smith, the rest of this team is filled with Rookies so have to figure that some of them might be in the running for a Rookie of the Year Award.

The Golden Showers will be releasing their logo and home field in the near future and will open up their inaugural season at home against the Great Lakes Godfathers.

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