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Leprechauns Putting the Process in Motion

ROLLING PRAIRIE- Can the Leprechauns turn things around this year? That is the question on all of Lynn street’s fan’s minds after their Opening Day sweep over the Silver Sluggers. Their General Manger Nick Brassell made modifications to Rocko’s Park (Formerly Shamrock Field) and also to the Leprechauns roster.

The Brassell family took a section of fencing out of their backyard to open up some room for the field to be placed on flatter ground. They also moved away from their 91' to LF ,101' to CF,92 to RF fence lengths from last season and went with a smaller field with left, right and center measuring at 93, 80, and 94 feet. The Leps featured a curved baseball style fence last year and they have also changed that to the straight fence often used in tournament style Wiffle ball.

The offseason was aggressive for the Leps with a few teams runs with ORWBL ending it was a loaded group of free agents including the MVP’s from both leagues. They added a veteran presence with Sam Zucker, Nick is looking for a lot of production from his bat in the line up along with solid fielding. Zucker had his swing working week one as he looked very good on both sides of the field. He hit a team leading .716 and blasted 7 dingers.

Bailey Rhed was acquired in the off season with his what seems to be traveling teammate Luke Ketterer. Luke Ketterer could be a major key to this team’s success because he can play multiple positions and is a very talented athlete. However, Luke is on the Leps DL and will miss a few weeks with a broken hand and Nick is looking forward to his midseason return. Bailey Rhed has set out to be an impact in this line up as he claims to be ready for his break out season. Bails will play the majority of his time behind the plate for Leps where he is known to call a stern game.

Week one Bailey also got off on a nice start hitting a friendly .538 and sending four towering shots over the fence and onto the porch. The return of “Mookie” Smith is also something many fans are excited for.