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NL Midseason Awards

The First-Half NL Awards Show

Naming the MVP, Cy Young, ROY, and Gold Glover at the 2018 All-Star Break

By: Aidan Cotter

Just 9 games remain until the end of the 2018 regular season, but the first half officially is done as all-star voting is underway. This is a time to reflect on the best of what’s already come and to hand out awards based on where the league is at this “midway point.”

(Writer’s Note: these mid-season awards are meaningless, and I actually don’t even have a vote this year so take my opinion with a grain of salt).

Midseason MVP Ballot:

  1. Austin Williams (GR)

  2. Seth Campbell (GR)

  3. Kody Webb (SL)

This is a weird year for MVP in the NL. The pre-season favorites (guys like Scott Soos, Tony Koch, Griffin Smith) are either plagued by Migley, struggling to adjust to their new team, or injured. However, let’s not overthink this one. Granger’s been the best team in the NL by a sizeable measure this season, as they currently hold a 4-game lead. Leading the entire league in homeruns and RBIs and leading the NL’s best team in basically every offensive statistic seems like a pretty good way to win an MVP. And that’s exactly what Austin Williams has done. Combine his ridiculous power numbers with his usual stellar defensive and durability, and this race isn’t as close as you would think.

Midseason Cy Young Ballot:

  1. Griffin Smith (GR)

  2. Andrew Doran (TB)

  3. Mikey Smith (SL)

It’s a testament to how good Griffin has been on the mound that he’s first on my ballot despite going out for the year with a shoulder injury. The reigning Cy Young would undoubtably win his second consecutive award this year if the season ended today. However, his injury opens the door for the second and third place guys on this list to take the Cy Young and run with it the rest of the way. Doran has the advantage in ERA (the dude has pitched 80 innings and has a sub 3 ERA in slow-pitch wiffleball….) but Mikey has the advantage in K’s and team success. Both have been really good for their new squads, and at the end of the day, whoever finishes ahead in the standings will most likely win the award, but don’t be surprised if Griffin still gets votes.

Midseason Rookie of the Year Ballot:

  1. Adam Cseh (SS)

  2. Austin Traxler (SL)

  3. Kiegan White (TB)

Another weird one; Rookie of the Year. Even though there are three “rookie” teams in the NL this season, only one of the teams is made up of core rookies. South Shore is the lone rookie squad this season, and they’ve been better than expected. Adam Cseh would run away with this award if the Silver Sluggers were getting more publicity. He leads NL rookies in average, HRs, RBIs, as well as Wins. Cseh is also the only rookie who it’s evident he’s the best player on his team, as he’s hitting well enough to be an All-Star (and he most likely will be one). Traxler’s gained some ground with his hot bat in recent weeks for the Landsharks, but Cseh’s games played and overall production allows him to run away with this one.

Mideason Gold Glove Ballot:

  1. Kody Webb (SL)

  2. Seth Campnell (GR)

  3. Scott Soos (NC)

  4. Austin Williams (GR)

Arguably the toughest award to judge, it’s also the toughest award to vote for. It’s hard to measure the best fielders in the league outside of watching the games. This one is specifically tough as Campbell is the reigning gold glove winner and has found a way to be just as good as last season. Campbell edged out Webb last season in the twitter vote, but for this ballot I’m going to give Webb a slight edge due to what he’s asked to do. Seth is the backbone of arguably the best defense in ORWBL, but Granger is filled with gold glove caliber defenders. Kody hasn’t had that luxury, as he’s been asked to handle basically everything hit to the outfield this season for the Landsharks. That responsibility, and the way he’s handled it, gives him the slight edge.

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