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Q & A with Landsharks Manager and All Star, Levi Miller

ROLLING PRAIRIE- Many teams see their struggles in year 1 as an ORWBL franchise. We are seeing it now as the Golden Showers are still searching for their first win and we have seen it plenty of times in the past as Lynn St. won 7 games in their first 2 seasons and the defending ORWBL Champions went 8-34 in their first season as a franchise.

Things are different in Saugany Lake as the Landsharks are currently on a 7 game winning streak and are fresh off of a 3 game sweep against the Newts in a downpour at Migley Field. After a brutal start to the season, the Landsharks are now in control of their own destiny to earn a first round Bye in the National League Playoffs. I had a little time to sit down and talk with Levi Miller so enjoy the Q & A!

Friedman: Levi, you guys are sitting in 2nd place in the NL and currently are in control of your own destiny to earn a bye. What has been the key to success despite the slow start?

Miller: Well commish, we definitely had a tough start but playing the Heat and Muffs the first 2 series would not be easy for any team. We just worked together as a team, everyone has chipped in and started doing their thing. Mikey has been doing his thing on the mound and Webb being stellar in LF are just clicking in place.

Friedman: You guys clearly know how to deal with adversity after that slow start but like you said that has not stopped the Sharks. What has been the key to dealing with adversity, because it cannot be easy starting 1-5.

Miller: The key to adversity for us is just relying on each other as teammates and brothers. No body gets down on our team because we have each other's backs no matter what.

Friedman: Fresh off of a sweep over the Newts to extend your winning streak to 7. How good did it feel to sweep the most successful franchise in ORWBL history on the hallowed grounds of Migley Field?