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Jasen Webb, Seth Campbell awarded Gold Glove honors.

NEW CARLISLE- NEW CARLISLE- Throughout last month, the 2018 season awards were announced on the official ORWBL twitter account (@ORWBL). All awards were voted on by the 14 Managers of the league.

Starting in the American League, there was an extremely close vote between a couple of players but it was the Hudson Lake Heat's Jasen Webb who was awarded American League Gold Glove honors.

Since joining the league, Webb has made a name for himself as one of the league's best defenders and it paid off this year as the elder Webb finds himself taking home some hardware. Webb was dominant as always this season as he helped the Hudson Lake Heat to a 15-9 regular season record while also playing a huge role in the Heat's ALDS upset of the 2nd seeded South Bend Muffs.

The Hudson Lake Heat have shown in past years that they can hit the ball with the best of them but it was their defensive miscues that led to some unfortunate losses in the past. Webb certainly helped the Heat improve defensively and that likely helped them win some close ballgames that they may not have in the past.

Meanwhile, over in the National League, it was the Granger Panther's Seth Campbell who took home the NL Gold Glove Award honors for the 2nd consecutive season. This definitely shows the respect that teams have for Campbell as not all Manager's get to see each player play due to the scheduling format.

Campbell has been one of the most reliable guys in the field since the Panthers joined ORWBL in 2017 and has clearly made a household name for himself as an elite defender. Campbell and his lockdown defense played a major role in the Panthers first ever trip to the World Series as the Panthers won their 1st National League Pennant in only their 2nd season in the league before getting swept by the Maple City Magic four games to zero.

Regardless of how the way the season ended, one thing is for certain and that is that you do not want to hit the ball to Campbell. It should be exciting to see Campbell reunite with his ace pitcher Griffin Smith next year as the duo rarely makes any errors in the field together.

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