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ORWBL releases 2019 Hall of Fame Nominees

NEW CARLISLE- The league office has officially announced their plans to change things up regarding the New Carlisle Wiffle Ball Hall of Fame. As has been in the past, in order to be on the ballot, a player must not have played in the previous 2 seasons and must be in good standing with the league.

The Hall of Fame requirements will stay the same as a player with 75% or more of the votes will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. A player will be removed from the ballot if they fail to reach 5% of votes.

For the first time last season, the ORWBL Hall of Fame inductees were announced at the 2018 ORWBL All Star Game as Kaylor Keck was the lone man inducted into the Hall of Fame as a member of the 2018 class. This was the start of a tradition as we will be doing the same thing at the All Star Game festivities for years to come!

Starting this season, there is a group of 20 voters who will cast their ballot. Without further ado here is the 2019 New Carlisle Wiffleball Hall of Fame Nominees!


Adam Rehlander (G-Slugs/Newts)

Jake Benner (Soggy Bottom Boys)

Seth Shail (G-Slugs/Federalists)

Derrick Brewer (Soggy Bottom Boys)

Nick Arndt (Federalists)

Bronson Severs (Magic)

Patrick Zwierzynski (Federalists)

Wayne Cencelewski (Cult West)

Bobby Ellam (Sour Wowers)

Scott Potter (Sour Wowers)

Chris Serge (Sour Wowers)

Zach Galloway (LP Bombers)

Tim Bacon (Federalists/Magic)

Cody Benson (G-Slugs)

Greg Jarret (Cult West)

Chris Serge (Sour Wowers)

Zac Osborn (Soggy Bottom Boys)

Blair Vandenberg (Cult West)

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