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Best Case, Worst Case: Sage Road Sinners

Turn on those team twitter notifications - ORWBL is back. We’re counting down the days until the 2019 season kicks off on May 5th by looking at the floor and ceiling of all 16 teams in the league. Today we preview the second of our five expansion teams: the Sage Road Sinners. We look forward to hearing all about wrong these previews are, and how your team is being “slept on” this season.


Wiffleball News Preseason Ranking: 15

Last Season: N/A

Notable Transactions: N/A

Key Player: Jordan Mrozinski P/OF

Despite low expectations for this first year team, they are full of excitment and that stems from manager Jordan Mrozinski. Jordan has been seemingly hooked on wiffle since playing in the Compete For Cody Wiffleball Tournament last August. He's excited and will look to have his team ready to go this season.

Best-Case Scenario:

The partying that this team does ends up translating to the field with big wins. Despite being towards the end of pre-season rankings, Jordan Mrozinski finds a way to challenge his guys to hold off the partying just a little bit as they focus on the on field stuff that translates to wins. This team ends up starting hot and ga