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Best Case, Worst Case: Lynn Street Leprechauns

Turn on those team twitter notifications - ORWBL is back. We’re counting down the days until the 2019 season kicks off on May 5th by looking at the floor and ceiling of all 16 teams in the league. Today we witness the process in motion in previewing the Lynn Street Leprechauns. We look forward to hearing all about wrong these previews are, and how your team is being “slept on” this season.


Wiffleball News Preseason Ranking: 10

Last Season: 10-14 (5th in the NL, Lost to New Carlisle in NL Wild Card)

Notable Transactions: Added OF Kevin May (Emery's Army), Added C Nate Hansen (Yabos), Added DH rule

Key Player: Bailey Rhed C/P

The reigning NL MVP comes into 2019 with sky-high expectations. After a breakout 2018, the Leps will be looking to ride Bailey Rhed's hot bat as far as it will take them this season. Rhed won his MVP last season by batting 0.592 with 33 HRs and 45 RBIs. For his efforts, Rhed was nationally recognized a an NWLA 1st Team All-Hitter. Despite having four years of experience under his belt, last season was a breakout year for Rhed. This season, however, Rhed won't be sneaking up on anyone. There is little doubt whether his breakout 2018 was legit.

Best-Case Scenario:

With high expectations in place, the Leps come into 2019 motivated and ready to go. Their spring pick-up games leave them in mid-season form, and they ride a hot start to their first season above .500. In a tough NL, Rhed gets enough help from Nick Brassell and company to lead Lynn Street near the top of the pack. Brassell finds a consistent lineup by playoff time, and the Leps enter the postseason as a real threat. Improved seasons from Nick "Guy" Wilson and Dylan Kegley help push the Leps to finally enter the winning stage of "the process."

Worst-Case Scenario:

The lofty goals end up being too much for the Leps to handle as they struggle to compete in a deep National League. Lynn Street struggles to find offense to accompany Bailey Rhed, and their offense slips as a result. They continue to struggle with consistency, as they show strong promise but can't piece it together for an entire season. The Leps have gotten better every season, and even in their worst-case scenario they'll likely do so again.

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