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Best Case, Worst Case: Bourissa Hills Wildcards

Turn on those team twitter notifications - ORWBL is back. We’re counting down the days until the 2019 season kicks off on May 5th by looking at the floor and ceiling of all 16 teams in the league. Today, we take a look at one of the veteran franchises in ORWBL, the Bourissa Hills Wildcards. We look forward to hearing all about wrong these previews are, and how your team is being “slept on” this season.


Wiffleball News Preseason Ranking: 11

Last Season: 9-15 (5th in AL, Lost to Maple City in ALDS)

Notable Transactions: Added Alan Amendt

Key Player: Luke Stanisci OF/P

Stanisci, a former Rookie of the Year heads into the season as the key player for the Wildcards. Since entering the league, Stanisci has been one of the more productive players. While he has been a little shaky in attendance, he really made an impact last season. The Wildcards need that bat in the lineup as his success has a major direct connection to the Wildcards success. Folks in Bourissa Hills have high hopes that Stanisci can lead this team to a winning season for the first time since 2010.

Best-Case Scenario:

With Stanisci putting up MVP type numbers, Bourissa Hills is finally able to post a winning season which would be there first since 2010. This team is normally hovering near the .500 mark but that changes this year with Stanisci and Rehlander leading the way. Free agent pickup Allen Amendt is a key part of this team and if he is able to show up consistently, there is reason to believe that the Wildcards can finally put together a winning season. The talent is here, let's see if they can put it together.

Worst-Case Scenario:

The Wildcards pick up right where they left off and have another mediocre season with a record just under .500 for the 9th consecutive season. Indiana bans the sale of Fireball, leaving Mason Monhaut without a go to game day drink. Overall, this team has enough talent and enough experience to at least continue to hover just under the .500 mark. It would be a surprise to see them with less than 8 wins.

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