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Best Case, Worst Case: Great Lakes Godfathers

Turn on those team twitter notifications - ORWBL is back. We’re counting down the days until the 2019 season kicks off on May 5th by looking at the floor and ceiling of all 16 teams in the league. Today we preview the 'Quiltish looking Great Lakes Godfathers. We look forward to hearing all about wrong these previews are, and how your team is being “slept on” this season.


Wiffleball News Preseason Ranking: 5

Last Season: 12-12 (4th in the AL, Lost to Bourrisa Hills in AL Wild Card)

Notable Transactions: Added "The Quilt" (Cory Kronewitter, Nick Thoman, Ryan Warmoth, Eric Woodrich, and Dan "The Cat" Zeiger). Lost Nate Arndt (Olive Township)

Key Player: Tim "Matador" Smith P/C

There is not doubt Matador has become one of the most well-respected players in the league heading into his Godfathers' 4th ORWBL season. He is the league's star on social media, and has won the hearts of fans throughout the game. With his transition into an ace on the mound, Matador has turned himself into one of the more consistent players league-wide. After going 6-3 with a stellar 6.41 ERA in 2018, Matador will surely be looking to add to his ORWBL hardware in the form of a Cy Young award. Although the Godfather's 2019 ceiling hinges on The Quilt, fans can rest easy knowing Matador and manager Mark Haase can hold this team to a pretty high floor, too.

Best-Case Scenario:

The Quilt show up when it matters. The decision of this tournament juggernaut to join the Godfathers has left the Godfathers with hopeful prospects for 2019, but for good reason. The Quilt are a consistent tournament powerhouse and boast one of the best offenses in all of tournament wiffleball. With those five being enamored with Matador's stellar pitching, they end up appearing in their most games ever in ORWBL. When they can't make it, Haase (who stays healthy all year) and Matador still effectively steady the ship and lead the Godfathers to their best season to date. If this team can stay consistent and find the right lineup they could challenge anyone in the league.

Worst-Case Scenario:

Despite strong preseason hype fueled by rumors of a linkage of Godfathers and Granny's Quilt, nothing materializes from it. The Quilt don't show consistently enough to make a difference and Great Lakes suffers as a result. Without them, the Godfathers lack depth after losing Nate Arndt's arm in the off-season and the grind of the entire season catches up with them. Even with strong showings from Matador and Haase, they just don't have enough firepower from the rest of their lineup. After their first above .500 season in 2018, they slip back under and have a disappointing campaign.

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