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2019 All-Star Voting Results

(Pictured Above: The 2018 National League team after winning the All Star Series)

NEW CARLISLE - The 2019 All-Star teams have been officially finalized following the conclusion of the Last Man In Voting on twitter. As is tradition, the reigning league champion's managers will manage their respective leagues. The American League will be managed by Alex Friedman and the National League will be managed by Brett Shepard. This year's event will feature a 3-game series hosted by the New Carlisle Newts at historic Migley Field on Saturday, June 15th. The festivities kick off at 6pm ET with the Home Run Derby, followed by the All Star Series. Below are the full rosters for this year's All-Star game.

American League Manager: Alex Friedman (MC) (6th Selection)

American League Starting Pitcher:

Andrew Doran - Twin Branch Billy Goats (2nd Selection)

American League Starters:

Caleb Jonkman (MC) - 3rd Selection

Mark Richards (LP) - 2nd Selection

Lucas Oletti (TB) - 2nd Selection

Drew Luther (MC) - 6th Selection

American League Reserves:

*Allen Ament (BH) - 3rd Selection

Frankie Minerva (TB) - 1st Selection

*George Stainko (MC) - 3rd Selection

*Mark Haase (GL) - 3rd Selection

Mike Forrester (CL) - 1st Selection

Ben McDonald (HL) - 4th Selection

*Cody Carlisle (BH) - 2nd Selection

Andrew Karsten (UM) - 1st Selection

Jared Jonkman (MC) - 2nd Selection

Connor VanOverberghe (TB) - 2nd Selection


Bryce Bloode (CL) - 1st Selection

Collin Froedge (LP) - 1st Selection

Shane Anderson (MC) -6th Selection

Matador Smith (GL) - 2nd Selection

Mason Monhaut (BH) - 1st Selection (Added as 16th man so the Wildcards could have a representative.)

National League Manager: Brett Shepard (GR) - 1st Selection

National League Starting Pitcher:

Griffin Smith (GR) - 3rd Selection

National League Starters:

Seth Campbell (GR) - 3rd Selection

*Scott Soos (NC) - 8th Selection

*Brandon Terry (ELK) - 1st Selection

*Adam Cseh (SD) - 2nd Selection

National League Reserves:

*Austin Traxler (SL) - 1st Selection

Garrett Ruiz (OT) - 1st Selection

Aidan Cotter (OT) - 3rd Selection

Levi Miller (SL) - 3rd Selection

*Garrett Curless (NC) - 11th Selection

Austin Williams (GR) - 2nd Selection

Dylan Kegley (LS) - 2nd Selection

Jordan Mrozinski (SR) - 1st Selection

Alex Zarazee (GR) - 1st Selection

Daivyn Davis (GR) - 1st Selection


Koby Keck (NC) - 13th Selection

Tyler Shupert (SD) - 1st Selection

Nate Arndt (OT) - 3rd Selection

Chaz Boyd (ELK) - 1st Selection

Conner Mowers (SD) - 2nd Selection

Kody Webb (OT) - 4th Selection (Added as 16th man to have the same amount of active players as the AL.)

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