Forrester, Terry awarded 2019 Rookies of the Year Honors

Throughout the week, we will be announcing the 2019 ORWBL regular season awards leading up to the World Series. Today, we congratulate the 2019 Rookies of the Year for both the American and National League. Stay tuned throughout the week for more awards as tomorrow we will be announcing the 2019 Gold Glove winners!

NEW CARLISLE- In one of the most talented pools of Rookies ORWBL has ever seen, County Line Kings Manager Michael Forrester took home the AL Rookie of the Year award after leading his first year team to an 11-13 record. Forrester was a fierce competitor all season and actually won this award in a landslide.

Just looking at the HR/RBI ratio, Forrester certainly could have used some extra base runners, however he certainly did his part to deserve the award!

Over in the American League, we saw an absolute blossoming star in the making as the Elkhart B.F.A.M. Manager Brandon Terry had a dominate Rookie season as he was the leader both on and off the field for Elkhart who had an incredibly impressive 19-5 inaugural season in the league.

Not only did Terry lead B.F.A.M. in every hitting category, but he also led the team in every pitching category as he went (11-1) with 22 strikeouts on the mound. After just 1 season, Terry has already established himself as an elite player on both sides of the field.

Despite both teams early playoff exit, you can not take away anything from these two Rookies who showed the league this year that they are here to stay and that they are incredibly dangerous hitters.

Congratulations to both Rookie of the Year award winners as both players had fantastic first seasons as a member of the league. Terry certainly hopes that this is just the first of multiple awards to come this year as his numbers back it up.

Check back in tomorrow as we will announce the 2019 Gold Glove winners!


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