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Caleb Jonkman, Kody Webb Take Home Gold Glove Honors

Throughout the week, we have been announcing the 2019 ORWBL regular season awards leading up to the World Series. Today we will announce the 2019 Gold Glove winners for both the American and National League. Stay tuned throughout the week for more awards as tomorrow we will be announcing the 2019 Cy Young winners!

NEW CARLISLE- Caleb Jonkman and Kody Webb are notoriously two of the top fielders in the league but have yet to win a Gold Glove. It was only a matter of time before each of these two lockdown fielders took home a Gold Glove.

Jonkman ran away with the voting in the American League as his height and length make him such a talented defender. Normally a Left fielder, Jonkman has made countless amounts of leaping catches to rob home runs while also rarely ever making a mistake on a ground ball.

He also transitioned to Pitcher at times this season as the Magic were searching for pitching to try and help the damage of the loss of their Ace Wes Ellis and he showed that he can get to pretty much any ground ball hit as he has no fear of using his lanky body to fully extend on the ground to grab the ball.

Over in the National League, it was also only a matter of time before the younger Webb brother, Kody won this award. After coming oh so close last year, it was certainly time for Webb to earn this award. Manager Aidan Cotter stated that Kody robbed 5 Home Runs in one game against the County Line Kings in a game that they won by 1 run.

Interim Manager Colton Boren also stated that Webb made a lot of great plays because he is a black hole in left and nothing gets past the Webster! Kody received very high praise from his teammates for his amazing defensive plays and certainly deserves this honor.

Stay tuned for more awards as we will be announcing the 2019 ORWBL Cy Young winners tomorrow!

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