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Meatspins sweep Goats as excitement is brewing in Mishawaka

MISHAWAKA- Excitement is growing quickly in Mishawaka after the Meatspins swept the Twin Branch Billy Goats to improve their record to 5-4. Fueled by the doubters, the Meatspins team proved that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with as a sweep of Twin Branch is no easy task

In Game 1, the Spins manufactured 2 runs in the bottom of the 1st and that would be all they needed as Anthony Rieff held the Goats to only 1 run while picking up his 2nd win of the season. Mishawaka sprinkled in a couple runs here and there throughout the rest of the game en route to a 7-1 victory.

Overall, Mishawaka was stellar defensively as Twin Branch struggled to get anything going whatsoever. The sure handed Spins made quick work of the Goats as they looked to clinch their first ORWBL series win as a franchise in Game 2.

Peyton Doran took the mound in Game 2 for Twin Branch as 2 time reigning Cy Young winner Andrew Doran is looking to get some other guys a chance on the mound throughout the season.

The switch to Peyton had an impact on the game early as there was a brief spat in the bottom of the 1st between Rick Woodrich and Peyton Doran regarding some of the pitches being thrown.

After a little back and forth play resumed and for the most part, the younger Doran did a great job slowing down the Spin factory.

Both teams played a solid game defensively as scoring was hard to come by for both teams. However, the lefties Anthony Rieff and Nick Thoman provided just enough offense for Mishawaka.

Trailing by 1 run, Twin Branch had the tying runner at 2nd base in the Top of the 6th but were not able to capitalize as the Meatspins were able to get out of the jam. That win clinched Mishawaka's first ever series win as the echoes of the crowd roaring could be heard across the city.

The hitting conditions became even worse as the wind picked up even more for Game 3. Following suit from Games 1 & 2, the Meatspins jumped on the board early after a semi-controversial fair or foul home run call.

Apparently half of the Goats said it was fair while half said it was foul. Both teams were able to talk it out and it was called a fair ball when it was all said and one.

Trailing late in Game 3, Twin Branch threatened yet again but the comeback was stopped short as Lucas Oletti was thrown out at 2nd in the Top of the 6th. It was a crucial defensive play from the Meatspins who played tremendous defense from start to finish, only allowing 5 runs on the day.

While both teams played solid defense, it was the Spins' who made less mistakes. With the defense on point and Anthony Rieff in a groove on the mound, it was truly a recipe for success for Mishawaka who have moved into 3rd place in the American League.

While runs were tough to come by, the Meatspins knew they would have to play station to station wiffleball in order to come out on top. They did just that as they remarkably scored every time that they got their leadoff man on.

All in all it was a dominating performance from Mishawaka as they never played from behind in the series. Anthony Rieff picked up all 3 wins on the mound, holding Twin Branch to less than 2 runs in all three games.

If Anthony Rieff can continue to develop on the mound, Mishawaka will have one of the more lethal weapons in ORWBL. We all know what Rieff can do at the plate but we have never really seen him do what he is doing on the mound to this level.

Although it is still early, Rieff has been very impressive on the mound as he carries the 3rd best ERA in all of ORWBL heading into Week 4. Rieff is quickly becoming one of the more feared pitchers in the league.

After a long hard fought series from both sides, the Meatspins players hosted their "Spin factory sweep celebration" with a postgame cookout. Some of the Goats players decided to stick around for the cookout which is always great to see between a couple of ORWBL teams. It was especially nice to see both sides work past a few in game spats.

Riding high after the sweep, the Meatspins (5-4) will look to keep things rolling as they will travel to the hitter friendly Palace of Bourissa Hills to take on the Wildcards (1-8.)

Meanwhile Twin Branch will look to get back on track as they return home where they will host the Lynn Street Leprechauns (2-7) who were also swept last week.

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