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Leprechauns showing signs of improvement in 2020 after taking 2 from Hudson Lake

LYNN STREET-It was a battle between long time friends as the Hudson Lake Heat traveled to Rocko's Park to take on the Lynn Street Leprechauns who were riding high after taking 2 of 3 from Twin Branch in Week 4.

Although this was a matchup between great friends, there is plenty of storylines surrounding the connections between the two teams. For those new to the league, the Lynn Street Leprechauns came to the rescue in 2016, just 1 day after the Bertrand Bombers franchise folded.

With the league office scrambling for replacement options, Dustin Curl got in contact with the commissioners office and within a few days had a roster, logo, and home ball park ready to go for league play.

The Leprechauns inherited the Bombers record but were able to make up a few of their games. With Curl at the helm, the Leprechauns struggled in their inaugural season as they finished the season with a 4-20 record.

In Lynn Street's first offseason, Curl appeared to make a big splash as he signed Free Agent Levi Miller only to trade himself, Miller, and Chris Plonka to the Heat in a stunning turn of events.

From the outskirts it seemed like that might be it for the franchise with their Manager trading himself. Historically, any time that has happened, it usually meant the franchise would be folding.

Current Manager Nick Brassell would end up saving the day as he happily took over ownership and managerial duties.

The Leprechauns would struggle even more in their 2nd season as they finished the year with a 3-27 record.