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ORWBL Player Profile: Kody Webb

Throughout the rest of the season, we will be releasing new player profiles each week. Each player profile will be filled with a mixture of 15 different Wiffleball and personal questions. This week we have Kody Webb of the County Line Kings. Kody is a 4x All Star who is currently playing in his 5th season.

1. How were your first introduced to Wiffleball?

My first exposure to wiffle came from Nate Arndt and Aidan Cotter, as those guys were around the league and hometown days from a really young age and eventually got me into it.

I think that when I stopped playing baseball I had a lot more free time in the summer, and wiffle became something to fill that void.

I was pretty terrible at baseball, mostly I was known to lay down a bunt at nearly every AB, so when I first started playing wiffle I was surprised at how different it was from baseball.

2. Last year you ended Seth Campbell’s 2 year run as National League Gold Glove winner. How much did that mean to you?

The Gold Glove was an award that I was a three time runner up for, so it did feel good to finally win it last year on the Mechanics. Obviously Campbell is one of the better fielders in the league and deserved to win it every year.

Luckily for me I was able to stop that possible three peat and finally take home the trophy. I do think it would be interesting on who would play left if me and Seth ever teamed up.

Usually that left field spot comes down to who has the biggest ego, and I am pretty cocky when it comes to fielding so it would be funny to see what would happen.