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ORWBL Player Profile: Kody Webb

Throughout the rest of the season, we will be releasing new player profiles each week. Each player profile will be filled with a mixture of 15 different Wiffleball and personal questions. This week we have Kody Webb of the County Line Kings. Kody is a 4x All Star who is currently playing in his 5th season.

1. How were your first introduced to Wiffleball?

My first exposure to wiffle came from Nate Arndt and Aidan Cotter, as those guys were around the league and hometown days from a really young age and eventually got me into it.

I think that when I stopped playing baseball I had a lot more free time in the summer, and wiffle became something to fill that void.

I was pretty terrible at baseball, mostly I was known to lay down a bunt at nearly every AB, so when I first started playing wiffle I was surprised at how different it was from baseball.

2. Last year you ended Seth Campbell’s 2 year run as National League Gold Glove winner. How much did that mean to you?

The Gold Glove was an award that I was a three time runner up for, so it did feel good to finally win it last year on the Mechanics. Obviously Campbell is one of the better fielders in the league and deserved to win it every year.

Luckily for me I was able to stop that possible three peat and finally take home the trophy. I do think it would be interesting on who would play left if me and Seth ever teamed up.

Usually that left field spot comes down to who has the biggest ego, and I am pretty cocky when it comes to fielding so it would be funny to see what would happen.

3. What is your favorite Wiffleball memory?

There is a top 3 for me personally:

1.) First Home Series for the Mechanics vs Cabo Yabos. The wind was howling out at the Garage. We took 2 out of 3 with Tynan Williams hitting a walk off homer in Game 3 and immediately yelling “Don’t Wake Daddy” after swinging.

2.) Building a field in my backyard for the Landsharks. Possibly the worst field in ORWBL history was built in the random field behind my house.

It even hosted a playoff day in which the Goats murdered us in a winner-take-all Game 3. That day was also when Doran almost fought me, but luckily tensions were lowered when the Goats proceeded to hit about 30 straight homers.

Overall it was a positive day though, as I didn’t get what was surely an ass kicking.

3.) Cam Snead Tourney 2019 Final Four Game vs the M.O.B. Colton Boren hits a clutch three run homer near the end of the game and I run out and completely knock him over with a chest bump.

This was the climax of a great tourney run for the Mechs and probably made me look somewhat strong.

4. If you had to give up watching Survivor or eating pasta for the rest of your life, which would it be?

No way I can give up pasta. Survivor will probably stop making new seasons soon anyways. Also thanks to Vano for making this bs question, I wasted a good amount of time to give some deep thought about my life.

5. Did you ever feel like you were living in the wiffleball shadows of your brother Jasen? If so how did it feel?

Absolutely not. Jasen is a good player, but when we have faced off it seems that normally my team comes out on top.

In an early mechanics tourney appearance we played the White Lightning in downpour rain and I had the game winning home run, and then a few years later in Cody’s Tourney, my Landshark team met WL in the Elite 8 and Jasen had a controversial strike out where he refused to leave the field after getting K’d.

We legit stood on the field for a good half hour disputing this call. Also after all of that we won the game, which is not a surprise but still needs to be mentioned. If anything he lives under my shadow (love you bro).

6. Did you ever feel pressure to be good at wiffleball due to Jasen’s early success?

Nah, we both won Rookie of the Year in back to back years so I felt that we were on a level playing field. Also when I hit somewhere around 45 homers in my second year in the league I became established as a good player and I didn’t really feel pressure to try and catch up to what he had done.

7. You were a free agent this offseason. Why did you choose the County Line Kings?

To be completely honest I wasn’t planning on playing wiffle this year until Corona came and forced me back home. If the Mechanics weren’t coming back then the Kings seemed like the obvious choice. Also I doubt anyone else really wanted me on their squad.

8. If you could make an ORWBL Super team with 5 guys, who would be on the team?

Wow that’s a good question (ORWBL podcast should do this one).



Rat (Bails Rhed)

Brett Sheppard


I honestly think Rat and myself could take this team to a final four. If Mookie got drunk and shit pitched (which is a given) then we wouldn’t need that much run support.

Also Brett is criminally underrated at the plate as he can place the ball pretty well. This team has so many great characters who like to have fun and I think if we kept that energy we could make a run.

9. Which teammate has been your favorite teammate to play with and why?

Really any of the OG mechs could be chosen here, but I’d probably say Colton since we’ve played on the same ORWBL team every year.

Also an honorable mention to the “Big Fin” Chad Swain who was great to play with at catcher as no one ever argued with his calls because of how intimidating he is.

10. If you could play on a team with 1 player you have never played with, who would it be?

I have never played in the league with Vano somehow so I would definitely pick him. That is kind of a cop out answer though since we’ve played in a lot of tourneys together.

The other people that comes to mind would be Curless or Soos purely on how ridiculously good those guys are. Both are legends in the game and it would be fun to try and match homers with them.

11. What is your usual pre and post game routine?

Pre game I usually I try and get a chicken bacon ranch sandwich from Subway. Post game is always a good time to get hammered as it works both ways. You can either celebrate

your victory if you win or drink your sorrows away if you lose.

12. What are your favorite tv shows and movies?

Prison Break’s first season is probably my favorite season of a TV show ever.

The aforementioned Survivor is also extremely underrated and should get more credit.

Favorite movies would be Happy Gilmore, The Departed, Good Will Hunting and Moneyball.

13. What would be your ideal vacation?

I’d like to go back to Florida, last time I was there I nearly got killed and that was pretty fun.

14. Do you think offense or defense is more important in slow pitch wiffleball?

People say “defense wins championships” but I don’t really agree with that when it comes to wiffle. Most games come down to who can hit more homers, so I would argue that offense is more important.

15. In your eyes, who is the best fielder in the league?

Without trying to be incredibly cocky, in my eyes it is myself. With that being said I have seen all of my games and have seen little of other people’s games. Objectively I don’t think there is any way to find out the best fielder without watching every play from every game. So because of that I am going to be very biased and pick myself.

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