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ORWBL Player Profile: Daivyn Davis

Throughout the rest of the season, we will be releasing new player profiles each week. Each player profile will be filled with a mixture of 15 different Wiffleball and personal questions. This week we have Granger Panthers rising star, Daivyn Alan Davis. Daivyn is a 2x All Star who is currently playing in his 3rd ORWBL season.

1. How were you first introduced to Wiffleball?

I was introduced to Wiffleball I’d say around 5th or 6th grade. Cameron and I were hanging out and we rode our bikes over to Dave Smith's backyard and he and Griffin showed me the ropes and the rest is history.

2. Who is someone around your age or younger that you think will develop similarly to you and be the next “prodigy”?

I don’t really know many guys young like myself who play that have that potential, however a name that’s going to start coming up a lot more is Kade Stone. You're going to see him at Hometown Days this year with myself and GP Black. I think he’s going to start to make a name for himself as he starts to play more these upcoming years.

3. Many have speculated on this one. Are you a Granger Panther 4 life?

I am always going to be a Panther 4 life, obviously I’ve had to spend some time with other teams for tournaments and even the Billy Goats for a season in ORWBL but I think I’m really starting to make an impact on this stacked roster. It’s the best organization in Wiffle and will be for years to come.

4. How do you stay so slim?

The “slim” has honestly came pretty natural always no fast food no pop it’ll help lol.

5. What are your go to tv shows and movies?

Tv shows I’d have to roll with that 70's show not a big tv guy but that’s just a great show. Movies however is tough I’m a big Adam Sandler guy i'd probably say Billy Madison, The Longest Yard, Happy Gilmore, and Water Boy.

6. If you could form an ORWBL super team of 5 guys, who would be on the team and why?

I’d have to say 1. Garrett Curless, 2. Caleb Jonkman, 3. Wes Ellis, 4. Griffin Smith, 5. Kody Webb.

Those guys all got it going on and are amazing in their own ways and to add to that I think Caleb, Kody, and I are the three best fielders on this earth.

7. Who is your favorite teammate to play with and why?

Favorite teammate is obviously gonna be a tough one, love all the guys in Granger but my favorite teammate would probably be Brandon Campbell.

I mean the guy is always positive and will never get down on anyone but himself and is great at helping keep my head straight throughout a single game, series, or even an entire tournament. He keeps Snead Field looking beautiful as always and is always there on Sunday, regardless of how much he’s going to play. Great guy, great teammate.

8. You had a rough series back when you played the Wildcards. Would say this was a turning point in your career?

Ahhhh the wildcards series, yes the rumors are true I believe I was like 2-16 that whole series. We played in a complete monsoon it was the worst series of my life. I would actually say not just that game but that entire season playing with the Goats was a turning point in my career.

I didn’t have a starting spot in Granger but big shout-out to Andrew Doran for seeing what I could do and letting me play with those guys on the Goats as we were even able to make a Final Four appearance at Migley that year so it was a turning point for sure.

9. How long do you think it will take before you are on the Panthers A team in tournaments?

Well I’ve been asking myself this question since I was like 14. Always being a little younger doesn’t help as those guys got a good thing going on but whenever they need me I’m here as usual.

But I don’t really know if there’s an “A” team at this point. Myself, Tiki, Brandon and Tony have already proved early that we can play with the best and I’m excited for the rest of the tournaments to come with those guys. I don’t think anyone’s sleeping on GP black these days.

10. Why is it Granger Panthers vs. the world?

Granger Panthers vs. the world I think has been a thing for a while now. When we started winning tournaments we started walking into them with that target I suppose, and I think it really set in last year in that Hometown Cup Championship at Migley.

I’ve never seen anything like that, it was literally like 100 people just yelling and the crowd was so against our 4 guys. It was great to see those guys able to battle through all that and get it done.

11. What name do you prefer to be called?

It seems Brett’s great at finding names for me! I mainly get called by my middle name “Alan” as the guys all love it and seem to hate my first name.

Also Brett loves to call me Myron which started out just being my favorite song recently by Lil Uzi Vert but now apparently they all seem to think I look like a “Myron” haha. Another unique one is “Stallion”. I don’t know where Brett comes up with this stuff, but Alan is definitely the go to.

12. Why do you walk the batters box before swinging?

I started walking the batters box like a year after I first started playing. I saw my dad do it in softball and it really helps me wait back on the ball and drive it to center or right field opposed to just being a dead pull guy and since then it has just been my thing.

13. Everyone has that 1 person that they look up to in Wiffleball. Who is that person for you?

You know I play with guys who all are a few years older than me because they were all Cameron’s friends growing up so I’ve always looked up to these guys, but i would have to say Griffin Smith.

He is great at so many different things and I’ve learned a lot watching and playing with him over the years and it’s easier to get better at something when you’re surrounded by guys who are great.

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Choose 3 other ORWBL players to travel with you and tell us why you chose them.

I’ve always wanted to travel to the west coast like out to California maybe to see a Lakers game or something I’ve never done before.

The three guys I would take with me would probably be Keigan White, Brett Shepard, and Griffin Smith. Those guys know how to have a hell of a time.

15. Who is your favorite and least favorite teams to play against and why?

My favorite teams to play against would be the Newts, Magic, and Billy Goats. Showing up for an ORWBL series or seeing those teams at a tournament just makes you wake up and play at your best.

Any battle in a game is just a fun time and I always seem to get that playing those guys. I don’t think I could say that I have a least favorite though, as long as we are playing Wiffleball I’m game.

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